MUST visit places in Germany!

MUST visit places in Germany!


Your visit to Germany wouldn’t be finished without a visit to Bonn. It is a wonderful city situate on the banks of the Rhine River. The rich culture of the little city is as yet flourishing today, and you’ll see that it’s stuff with useful exhibition halls, fascinating architecture and an amazing cluster of German nourishment and drinks. I recommend to visit Bonn on Sunday, which is typically day of rest when shops are shut and individuals relaxing with family or companions.



Passau is situate at the juncture of three waterways: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. The city offers a beautiful record focus with numerous sights, a cathedral, churches, galleries. Also, it has northern Italian-style structures and homes that are mix with trees to offer you a sentimental setting and an air that can take you from the present world to return to history. Numerous sightseers on river cruises investigate the city.

Passau, Germany

Passau, Germany


Koblenz, the majestic city situated on southwest of Germany, where the Moselle and Rhine Rivers meet. So, this is one of the most season towns in Germany with a storied medieval history entrapped with the Order of the Teutonic Knights and lords and queens. There are various things you should see once arriving in Koblenz. Also, Koblenz is brimming with history and essentially asks to be found.

Koblenz, Germany

Koblenz, Germany


Wurzburg is a city in the territory of Bavaria in central Germany, situated on the Main River amongst Frankfurt and Nuremberg. The city is the beginning of the Romantic Road tourism course and the focal point of one the nation’s most critical wine regions.It’s unimaginably lovely. Furthermore, it offers various fine cases of medieval and more contemporary design. It’s additionally a dynamic social focus and brags various occasions, celebrations, and verifiable vacation spots.

Residenz und Hofgarten Würzburg

Würzburg 2


Regensburg lies on northerly point over the span of the Danube, where it’s join by the River Regen and traversable the distance to the Black Sea. Long an important trade and cultural center. Investigate the labyrinth of Regensburg’s little roads and you’ll be lost in never-ending time travel. Furthermore, the narrow streets are an inheritance of the medieval city on this site. Memorable city with its great cathedral and Roman remains.

Regensburg, Germany


Found south of Cochem on a curve of the Mosel River, the town of Zell makes an ideal base for for a weekend in the territory. Encompassed as it is by slanting vineyards and various wineries. So, the greater part of the activities are here, as you may envision, are focuse on the wine. Yet there are a bunch of different things to see and do. Also, the atmosphere is wonderful.

Zell (Mosel)


Dusseldorf is a provincial monetary powerhouse straddling the banks of the Rhine River.It’s a place that doesn’t feel invade with tourists. The occupied bars in the middle or by the waterway are especially brimming with local people. Also, it is a place to find by walking, or by bicycle, it is easy to vanish into the group. It is an extremely liveable place on the planet to live.

Düsseldorf, Germany





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