About Vlad

About Vlad

Hi all. Welcome to my adventure travel blog, place were you can find travel tips, experience, photos and answers on most of common questions which we are asking before every trip.

Who I am?

Vladimir – Vlad is a graduated journalist. Now based in Europe as a hospitality worker. He brings his daily stories from different cities and countries from all over the world. Take a look in the places that you wish to travel or refresh your memories from your last trip. The pictures from all articles are taken by himself and most of them are from his smartphone camera. Read it. Like it and share it. And don’t forget, only your final decision is putting you away from your next trip. Say YES and pack your bags.


Would you like to know more?


I coming from Macedonia. Small country in Europe, I’m 26 years old. Nature and animals lover. Biker and professional photographer – wanna be. Instagramer and coffee lover. Love to drink beer and rum as well.


I hope you will find everything that you need on my travel blog. My profile are open for any questions that you have, any time of the day. Ill be happy if I can answer them. Any extra tips that you want to know, airport transfers, where to stay, what to take with you or you just want to say HI, email me on admin@travelwithvlad.com or stay connected with me on Instagram or Facebook or Twiter.


Have fun, pack your bags,

And see you on the road.